DP Challenge: Sweet Creams Are Made of This

After roughly 20 days of my blogging experience, I’ve decided to engage in the WordPress community and participate in this weekly challenge. I was so sad when I read that I missed last week’s challenge “Tour Guide”, since I am a tour guide by profession, but then I realized that this week’s challenge is even better – Daily Post challenged us to present something “sweet”. Professions are so boring – there is really no better way to present yourselves to the world than through a cake. And what a cake it is…I give you the famous “cream slice” of Central Europe, called “kremšnita” in Croatia, “krempita” in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, “kremowka” in Poland, “kremes” in Hungary, etc. Many names, but the perfection is always the same…

Just look at this beauty – a puff pastry dough with thick custard filling and a layer of whipped cream, finished with powder sugar. This photo was taken this Monday, in Slovenia, when I visited the Lake of Bled, what you could see in one of my previous post. There, they call it “kremna rezina” and they say it’s the best cream cake of the world.


Well, I am from another country and usually I would disagree and say that my country, Croatia, is, of course, the best in everything, but this time I have to say: all cream cakes of the world are the best of the world.

In my city of Zagreb, we have our own “Zagrebačka kremšnita” that is even more sweeter – instead of a puff pastry top we put a slice of chocolate. Just writing about it makes me happy. And to combine it with a good cup of coffee – perfection…


When in Croatia, don’t miss some “kremšnita”. The little city of Samobor is a very lovely place, close to Zagreb, with famous “kremšnita” as well (they would say the best but again I say: all are the best). In Slovenia, Lake Bled is the best place for some cream slice – I took mine in the famous café of Hotel Park, where they serve it from 1953 and is an attraction by itself.

For all of you that came to this post through Daily Post’s challenge, look around, check other posts on my blog, comment it, let me know if you have some advice to make it better and have a nice, sweet weekend!

6 thoughts on “DP Challenge: Sweet Creams Are Made of This

  1. The cake looks yummy!!! I am not much of a sweet tooth but the picture has made me hungry. 🙂
    I have no idea about Croatian culture or cuisine so your posts look very interesting to me. Would love to read more from you. I won’t ever get a chance to visit your country so your blog seems like a perfect place to experience the way of life there! 🙂


    1. Thank you for your nice words, and thank you for following me… I’ll do my best in presenting more and more things about my country as time goes by. And never say never, who knows maybe we’ll meet some day in Zagreb 😀

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