Birds of Croatia

This article is part of our April 2020 section “Wednesday Word”. Every Wednesday we present some of the travel writers or bloggers out there that have visited our beautiful country recently and decided to share their thoughts and experiences or writers that have explored some aspects of our history, culture or traditions…

This Wednesday I will be very short and present to you the site “Adriatic Nature” by an Italian naturalist, Luca Boscain. This relatively recent site is like a small heaven for bird lovers and all wonders of nature.

You can start by this recent article Winter birding in Paklenica and Pag (Croatia). 

Details in his photos are mesmerizing.

When we speak about tourism in Croatia, bird-watching is one of the activities that was only quite recently recognized as something Croatia could offer to its visitors… Real wildlife lovers knew all along Croatia’s real treasure is its nature – it’s us Croatians that didn’t recognize it enough.

Thank you, Luca, for your wonderful work. You can check the site right here and travel through the nature of the Adriatic…

Nevertheless, in my own guiding work, I think I’ll stay mostly in the cities and admire the “wildlife” from the distance, like right now… Stay home, stay safe, stay healthy!

For the moment, all guided tours are cancelled, but Rilak’s Zagreb Guide is continuing online. Check our April 2020 online sections:

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