Rilak’s! New tours in Croatia this May 2020!

It’s the right time to visit Croatia! Under one condition: that you stay home and join tours right here! You just need to follow the itinerary on this page or on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Every tour is different, every tour has a different “transport”, some are very short, some are a bit longer, but they’re all inspiring in their own way…


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What is the situation in Croatia right now?

To limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus, current regulations of Croatian authorities have suspended a lot of out-door activities, including guided tours. The “lock-down” in Croatia, although difficult, is giving results and there are some plans to reopen some activities. In comparison to some countries in Europe, our numbers are “very good” (if anything can be good at this moment) and we hope they will stay that way. Let’s hope the entire world will pass through this challenge quickly and emerge as a better place… It is possible that by mid-May, a lot of things will be open in Croatia!

However, the nature of my job, being a licensed guide and a professional tour leader, is such that I don’t plan to start with my regular guiding job just yet.

Maybe live tours are canceled, but there are some things that will never be canceled… Like yours and ours health and  eagerness to travel and explore some details about Croatia and its capital Zagreb…

How does it work?

New tour is “published” five times a week in May, but don’t worry, you won’t get flooded with five emails if that’s the option you chose. Every tour has a different “transport” for that day, according to the itinerary below. Longer articles  will be published on the website you’re reading right now. Shorter posts will appear on Facebook. Very short posts or just links on Twitter. Photo-tours will be via Instagram.

Hmmm… I want to follow all tours, but I don’t have or want accounts on all these networks…

There’s no need to do that. All content will eventually be published on all networks, but in different forms. For example, photo-tours will be published on Instagram, but if you’re following tours by email, instead of just a couple of photos every other day, you’ll get just one email with all of them together, at the end of the month.

When does every tour start?

Whenever you want, you can access all content at any time by a simple click. New content will usually be published at 12 pm UTC (LA 3am / New York 6am / London 1pm / Zagreb 2pm / New Delhi 5:30 pm / Sydney 10 pm), according to the itinerary.

Let’s check the itinerary for May 2020!

Instructions on how to join tours are below the itinerary.

1 monday moments

Through a series of photos on Instagram we will admire one Croatian destination each Monday. First destination: Elaphiti Islands, May 4th.

2 Wednesday Word

New stories about Croatian lifestyle, culture, heritage continue right here, every Wednesday in May. We take one word and describe its place within our culture. First Wednesday word will be kravata / a tie. Find out why on May 5th.

3 Throwback Thursday

In all honesty, Rilak’s Zagreb Guide wasn’t very active on Twitter. Okay, like most of Croatians, I’m usually enjoying my coffee and slowly taking my time while Twitter is very quick and very short. In May, every Thursday, to get to know the Twitter community, I will share one of our past tours on that network and see their reactions.


4 statuerday

They are not moving but their stories can be moving. There’s an interesting story behind every statue in Zagreb, Croatian capital. Find out more every Saturday in May, in short posts on my Facebook page.

5 sunday trip

Every Sunday new destination in Croatia awaits, in a new post published right here on this site.

How to join a daily tour?

By following this website or following Rilak’s Zagreb Guide on other platforms. Don’t worry, you don’t need to pack…

For longer posts on Wednesday and Sundays you can choose these options:

1. Regularly visit this website during the month of May.

2. If you want to receive an email when new posts are published, you will easily find “Follow Rilaks by email” in the right sidebar. You will receive two emails – in the first you must confirm that the email is correct, in the second you will get confirmation of your subscription from WordPress. WordPress is the system Rilak’s Zagreb Guide used to create this site. This is an automatic subscription only for this site and I don’t create any sort of mailing lists for any other purposes. You will get an automatic email with a new article and you can unsubscribe at any time.

3. If you have a WordPress account it means that you’re probably a professional or a blogger with a site on WordPress systems as well. A simple ‘Follow’ would do and you will be able to read articles in the WordPress reader.

For shorter posts (“Statuerday“), join me on my Facebook page Rilak’s Zagreb Guide.

For photos, join me on Instagram, on rilaks.zagrebguide.

And I promise I will tweet more! Join me on Twitter – rilaksZGguide.


Thank you for your feedback for April 2020 sections!

I’m glad you enjoyed my posts. There are still two of them coming in this series. You can find articles from April 2020, from each category right here:

  • Monday Report (articles about tourism and travel industry)
  • Wednesday Word – Croatia in Their Words (sharing stories about Croatia from other writers) – last post in the series coming this April 29th. “Wednesday Word” in May will feature my original posts.
  • Croatian Thursday (posts about our country) – last post in this series coming this April 30th. Original posts about Croatia continue every Wednesday in May.
  • Zagreb Couch Guide – series of posts about the city, part of Zagreb City Tour. In May, posts about Zagreb continue on Facebook, in a series of short posts.

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