Croatia In Their Words (4)

This April 2020, every Wednesday, we got to know some of the travel writers or bloggers out there who visited Croatia and decided to share their thoughts and experiences in our beautiful country… Our April 2020 tours are slowly coming to an end. Check here our itinerary in May. “Wendesday Word” in May will feature my new posts.

2 Wednesday Word

New stories about Croatian lifestyle, culture, heritage continue right here, every Wednesday in May. We take one word and describe its place within our culture.

Check May 2020 itinerary here!

Thank you to so many travel writers who traveled around the world and wanted to share their journey. In these difficult times, it’s your writing that is helping us to “travel” safely, at our homes. Let’s see some of the writers for this week:

1. Taking a swim in the national park

Plitvice Lakes and the mesmerizing waterfalls are maybe the most iconic site in Croatia, but another national park with waterfalls is becoming more and more popular, as well. It’s the National park of Krka! And, in the summertime it’s actually allowed to swim there…

krka 2

Quick photo while guiding a group. My photo, Krka park, 2019

Abi from the site Travel Tea TV decided to share her day in Krka. Check her post right here!

If you are traveling alone to Krka, with local buses, it all depends on your preferences. You can pass the most iconic parts of the park in two hours, maybe a bit more with a boat ride, but that’s simply not enough! You can swim, visit the old mills, walk along the trails and admire the scenery, take a boat ride… I would really suggest to plan it as a full-day excursion, especially if you like to spend time in nature. Check the site of the National park Krka here!

krka 1

Krka park, with a group from Portugal.

2. Abandoned military base – not your everyday tour

We’re now “locked” at our homes so we’re “touring” everything from the distance, but even if you could travel everywhere, this is a place that not so many people would dare to visit “live”.

Site Narrative Places is a very recent and interesting blog, written by Elmy Biker. I literally “stumbled” upon it and was surprised to see images of an abandon Yugoslav military base, on the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s simply not the most typical trip… Check this story by clicking right here! It is fascinating to watch these images. Do check other places she visited in other countries – very engaging stories…

Almost 30 years have passed since the dissolution of Yugoslavia but some of these places remind us of a country that doesn’t exist anymore. Although a part of the infrastructure built in the socialist times is now used by the newly independent countries, this Željava airbase will probably be left to decay. It’s simply too close to the border of another country…

Revisit April 2020! Check tours in May below…

Thank you, again, to all the writers that were helping us to travel in these unusual situation. It was a fascinating ride this April 2020.

We’ve started with Dubrovnik, famous for “Game of Thrones”, but also for quarantine.

Then we admired the unusual shape of Croatia and learnt something about the Carnival.

After a short bird-watching stop, we continued with a bike ride.

This was our last Wednesday tour in April 2020. I will continue to show my appreciation to other writers, but all new tours are coming in May.

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1 monday moments

Through a series of photos on Instagram we will admire one Croatian destination each Monday. First destination: Elaphiti Islands, May 4th.

2 Wednesday Word

New stories about Croatian lifestyle, culture, heritage continue right here, every Wednesday in May. We take one word and describe its place within our culture. First Wednesday word will be kravata / a tie. Find out why on May 5th.

3 Throwback Thursday

In all honesty, Rilak’s Zagreb Guide wasn’t very active on Twitter. Okay, like most of Croatians, I’m usually enjoying my coffee and slowly taking my time while Twitter is very quick and very short. In May, every Thursday, to get to know the Twitter community, I will share one of our past tours on that network and see their reactions.

4 statuerday

They are not moving but their stories can be moving. There’s an interesting story behind every statue in Zagreb, Croatian capital. Find out more every Saturday in May, in short posts on my Facebook page.

5 sunday trip

Every Sunday new destination in Croatia awaits, in a new post published right here on this site.


5 thoughts on “Croatia In Their Words (4)

  1. Amazing post – thanks for the shout out. I loved my time in Croatia and can’t wait to return! I’m hoping to see more of the islands and the tourist Mecca of Dubrovnik and thanks to this post do some swimming at Krka!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. wow! I’m glad you liked it… However, in this case, I have to say I was really fascinated by your post. More so, by the idea of visiting such a place. Islands, Dubrovnik and Krka will be a completely different experience after this.

      Liked by 2 people

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