Monday Update: Croatia and COVID-19

A slightly different and shorter “trip in Croatia” for this Monday, supporting all of my colleagues working in tourist sector in Croatia and all over Europe.

We are still not sure what this new situation will bring us, all over Europe, especially in the travel industry. There were even some protests in Germany, Austria and other countries, Croatia included, against the strict lock down measures.

In Croatia itself, the situation is getting better by the day, and many activities reopened today (May 11th, 2020), including tour guides (more on this below).

You can find all updated information for travelers to Croatia on this page, the official government website for accurate and verified information on Coronavirus!

We are still obligated to respect all measures listed by our Department for Public Health, but we are not so sure how some of those measures will be implemented. As I’ve mentioned, tour guide activities as well are officially allowed and we have received new information on our obligations (published yesterday, hence my late Monday Update instead of the usual “Sunday trip”, after checking all new updates from our Department for Public Health ).


Photo: Elaphiti Islands, small archipelago near Dubrovnik.

I find myself in an unusual situation where my activity is officially “reopening” today, although there is really no need, in the sense that there are no people that I can guide (yet! I hope…). I have received a number of measures that I need to respect in my job – I am obligated to wear a mask constantly when guiding and I need to measure my temperature every morning when I’m with a group (although, there are no group travels for now, so I’m not so sure why even bother us with so much info…)

Optimistically, for proper group travels or even city tours, I believe that they could start maybe in August or September and I will share new updates when this travel activity really starts…

In the meantime, one of my colleagues composed a short photo montage with a number of guides and their groups all over Croatia and I would like to share it with you, as a short photo-trip all over Croatia (and the world…)

Stay safe, stay healthy, and see you in Croatia (eventually…)



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